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09 Aug 19 - Great New Collection of Huge Oil And Acrylic paintings
We have added a great new collection of 36"X48" 48"X60" 48"X72" acrylic and oil paintings to the gallery ranging in style from non objective abstract to impressionism. Pictured is an example of one of the new 48"X72" paintings. Please fol
Dave Griffith
19 Jul 19 - Rodrigo palatte knife paintings
Heavy Impasto palatte knife artist Rodrigo has just finished painting a group of huge oil paintings for Griffith Art Gallery that are reminiscent of Monet's collection of works found in the Musee de l'Orangerie, Paris and Giverny, France.
Dave Griffith
27 Jun 19 - New Jan Morgan Landscape Oil Paintings
Griffith Art Gallery has just received a large collection of newly commissioned oil paintings by Jan Morgan. The new paintings are wispy landscapes with ethereal light playing through the sky. The paintings are infused with colors ranging
Dave Griffith
25 May 19 - New collection of Christian Themed Paintings
Griffith Art Gallery is now showing a newly commissioned group of paintings depicting Christian Themed ideas by some of the most talented and sought after American artist that we have found over the last 30 + years. Show, is "Storm on the
Dave Griffith
07 May 19 - New Collection of Abstract Paintings
Griffith Art Gallery has just received a great new collection of Heavy Impasto Abstract acrylic paintings by Maya Eventov. The paintings are huge scale and painted on gallery wrapped canvas using a knife to create what can be described as
Dave Griffith

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