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17 Aug 22 - New collection of Original oil paintings
Griffith Art Gallery is receiving new collections of original oil paintings by European Master Impressionists this month. We will be custom framing them using our most beautiful mouldings collected from around the world. Attached is one o
Dave Griffith
17 Aug 22 - Great New Collection of Huge Oil And Acrylic paintings
We have added a great new collection of 36"X48" 48"X60" 48"X72" acrylic and oil paintings to the gallery ranging in style from non objective abstract to impressionism. Pictured is an example of one of the new 48"X72" paintings.
Dave Griffith
15 Aug 22 - New arrivals by Noted European Artists
Griffith Art Gallery is receiving oil paintings by European Noted artists renowned for their classical styles. Artists from England, Germany, France and other Western European countries are displayed on site framed in Italian frames. Show
Dave Griffith
19 Feb 22 - New Arrivals from European Masters
Griffith Art Gallery has a new collection of original Oil Paintings by 20th century European Artists who painted using oil on canvas. Come visit if you can. Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to see the daily goings on. Shown is one of
Dave Griffith
11 Feb 22 - New Collection of Non Objective Abstract Paintings
Griffith Art Gallery has received a new collection of oil and acrylic paintings ranging in size from 12”X16” up to 48”X72”. New Silver Leaf and waxed wood frame designs from Italy are pairing with the new colors that invite the vi
Dave Griffith

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