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First Name Raimondo
Last Name Roberti
Born 1947-05-31
Country Italy


Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to represent Raimondo Roberti who was born on May 31, 1947 in Naples, Italy. Members of his family, who were high military officers of the Royal Fleet, strongly influenced Roberti and his lifelong attraction to all things pertaining to the sea. His family’s isolated villa was very near the grounds of G. Gigante. Gigante was one of the foremost exponents of Neopolitan classical painting, a painting style known as the School of Posillipo, an artistic style that Roberti would study later in life.

Because of his interests in American culture, Roberti moved to the United States to immerse himself in the American Experience while pursuing his career as an artist. His stay in America was short lived because of his love for his native land, Italy.
Roberti’s paintings reflect the traditions of Italian art. Roberti is best known for his port scenes, the Italian coastline, and his classic scenes of Venice Italy. Roberti is able to offer the world exacting impressions of the vibrant life of a port city or the quiet elegance, romanticism and rugged terrain that embraces the Mediterranean.  

Contact Griffith Art Gallery at 205-985-7969 or email for more information.  Crating and shipping available.


Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to represent Raimondo Roberti who was born on ...

Saint Marks Basilica
by Roberti
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Canal of Venice
by Roberti
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