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First Name Paulina
Last Name Trittini
Country Chile

PAULINA TRITTINI, visual artist, born in Chile. She begins to paint in 2002, first with oil, painting still lifes and then with acrylic. Mixed techniques are what she uses the most in her works, the mixture of paint together with paper, embroidery and more, enrich her work. Strong and vibrant colors are a characteristic of her paintings. Today her painting is abstract, but sometimes she maintains figurative elements.


Her work is inspired by nature, trees, flowers, hills and the sea. In her work she tries to balance the disorder of the brushstrokes, with others that will be flatter, the gouache contrasts with the denser paint, she loves that balance, which creates a wonderful atmosphere in her works.


During her career as an artist, she has also taken acrylic painting classes in different places.


In the year 2021, she was interviewed by the PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO magazine, which is distributed in Mexico, the United States and Colombia.

Her work can be viewed at her United States representative gallery; Griffith Art Gallery.  Contact the gallery at 205-985-7969 or email for more information and to view all the new original paintings.





A bridge to you
by Trittini
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