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First Name Jose
Last Name Huallpa
Born 1970-01-01
Country Peru

Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to represent Jose Huallpa who was born in the 1970s in Peru, South America. As a young artist Huallpa surprised many people in the art field with his talent and the amount of success that he achieved. Huallpa was in fact doing so well that he was able to temporarily reverse the trend in his home country by being able to go from being a successful artist to becoming an art teacher.
After graduating from the Peru School of Arts with a degree in Art Instruction Huallpa had a chance to practice his craft at the renowned art school Maria Parado de Bellido. After teaching for a period of time Jose began to become aware that he could not continue to work on an art professorÂ’s salary when he could be selling his paintings and making a much more substantial income. While watching many of his art colleagues starve to death Huallpa has prospered, selling his paintings as quickly as he can paint them.
While Huallpa still holds on to his love of teaching he has decided to devote himself to painting full time. Since Huallpa has begun to paint full time his work has never been better or better received for that matter. He has been able to perfect his techniques while still evolving and innovating. Huallpa'ÂÂ’s paintings can be found at Griffith Art Gallery along with a large collection of other South American artists.  Contact the gallery by calling 205-985-7969 or email to view all the available paintings by this talented artist

Art in which recognizable figures or objects are portrayed.
The Circus
by Huallpa
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