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First Name W.
Last Name Eddie
Born 1955-01-01
Country Hong Kong

Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to represent renowned artist W. Eddie who was born in 1955 in Hong Kong. Eddie's passion for art, evident at the young age of eight, led to admission to the prestigious Hong Kong Art Academy.  By the time Eddie graduated, he had exibited his works in several compititions and became popular with collectors in Hong Kong.

   The successful painter brought his family to America in 1982, where he studied at the Art Student League of New York. A year later, he won the New York Public Painting Competition, becoming the first-ever non-American to even place in the top three. The front page of the Chinese World Journal that same day shared this breakthrough with his home country.
   In 1984, Eddie was invited to join the Alliance of Queens Artists, having won one first and two-second prizes in each of the three preceding years. His other prizes included 1st prize of the Western Chamber of Commerce three years running (1985-87), and Best of Show from the National Art League. His work was exhibited throughout the northeast, and his own exhibition at the St. John's University capped his formal studies and launched his professional career.
Eddie is inspired by his extensive travels throughout Europe, including a year in France in 1992 to study European Impressionism.  Eddie has always been an impressionist of the first order. He acknowledges the influence of Monet in his command of light, water, and air, while his brushwork and splashes of color, especially his signature reds, are reminiscent of Renoir. His very collectible pieces marry gentle movement with a calm tranquility, and his style has become familiar to art lovers the world over.  Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to offer original commissioned paintings by this modern Impressionistic master.  Contact The Brothers Griffith at 205-985-7969 or email to view all the new available paintings as well as custom frames designed to enhance each original painting.

An art style which emphasizes the personal, emotional and dramatic through the use of exotic, literary or historical subject matter. A European movement of the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth century. In reaction to neoclassicism, it focused on emotion over reason, and on spontaneous expression. The subject matter was invested with drama and usually painted energetically in brilliant colors. Delacroix, Gericault, Turner, and Blake were Romantic artists.
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Shepherdess Watching Her Sheep
by Eddie
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Owl Creek
by Eddie
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Storm on Sea
by Eddie
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Prodigal Son
by Eddie
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An art movement founded in France in the last third of the 19th century. Impressionist art...
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