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First Name Guy
Last Name Dessapt
Born 1938-01-01
Country France
For many, the romantic idea of the bohemian artist contemplating his craft in a small café in the heart of Paris is a timeless image. Typically, such notions are more fiction than fact; more likely to be seen in a Hollywood version of an artist’s life. In the case of French painter Guy Dessapt, this idealistic image is, in fact the truth. Dessapt spent many of his early days painting in the streets of Montmartre, capturing its great vitality and charm. He was learning from the other painters around him and living what many consider the ideal life, or at the very least, a romantic life.
Born in 1938, Dessapt was raised in the countryside of France. This area has been the home and inspiration for many of the great impressionists of the 19th century. Dessapt began painting these villages and countrysides as great artists before him such as Van Gogh and Monet did in their own times. When he was old enough to leave home he attended the Arts Decoratifs School in Paris where he fell in love with the excitement of the city. This experience inspired a wanderlust that landed the young artist in various cities around the world.
For seven years in the 1960’s, he worked in New York, exploring a variety of artistic styles and techniques. However, he returned to the traditions that inspired him in his youth; those of the French Impressionists and street painters of Paris. His continued passion for travel is still evident in the subjects of his work: scenes from New York, France and Italy.
The technique that Dessapt has developed is quite unique. It is a blend of several media, namely acrylic, oil and various other mediums. His paintings are well balanced in composition, rich in surface quality, and exhibit a brilliant sense of color. Like the Impressionists before him, Dessapt plays with the effects of natural light on the surface of different objects in nature. His canvases depict a place in time, changing in color and hue as time passes before him. His paintings shimmer with specks of pure color which blend in the eye to form stunning reflections and somber shadows. Also like Van Gogh, Monet and Seurat, Dessapt’s sympathetic approach to his subject matter illustrates his love for the cities in which he has worked and lived. He invites the viewer to walk along the streets of New York, gaze upon the wondrous architecture of Italy, and even enjoy a cup of espresso at a small café in Paris.
Perhaps still closest to Dessapt’s heart is the countryside, where he was born and also where he began his artistic career. The vast expanses of farmland and open spaces untouched by the hand are as elegant and powerful as the great landmarks in his cityscapes. These paintings bring back the romance of the pre-industrial age and allow for an escape from the busy city streets. Dessapt chose this escape for himself, moving back to the countryside and living in the house that his grandfather built.
Dessapt’s work continues to evolve yet remains somewhat rooted in the past. When he paints Paris, the viewer can still feel the excitement of a young eager newcomer with the world in front of him. His New York paintings still have the awe that must have driven his work through the 60’s, but the quiet landscapes of his home show the maturity of a man who is entirely comfortable with his craft.
Dessapt has established himself as a premiere talent and is collected throughout the world. In Japan, Guy Dessapt is considered part of the Paris School which includes such renowned artists as Marc Chagall, Jean-Paul Cassigneul, Rouls Icart, Bernard Buffet and George Laporte. His works are highly prized by art connoisseurs worldwide.

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