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First Name Maya
Last Name Eventov
Born 1964-01-01
Country Canada

Maya Eventov was born in 1964 in Leningrad in the USSR. Her work is representative of the quite distinctive modern Russian avant-gardism style of painting. Maya Eventov’s paintings are so rich with color, light and detail that they reflect not only an extraordinary draftsmanship but also a sense of artistic well being and happiness. In the hands of this artist, interiors and still life become extraordinary. The chairs, flowers, harps and Roman pillars take on personas that are sophisticated and rich while also whimsical and fun. Each element has its own independent existence within a unified painting. Maya began her training as a child in the art schools of Leningrad, where she learned painting, drawing and composition. Maya graduated from the Leningrad High College of Art, which was named for V. Muhina, in 1981 and began her career as an artist. It was at this point that Maya began to work professionally as a children's book illustrator and wallpaper designer. She also took part in the creation of the murals for cinema and concert halls in Leningrad, Moscow, Erevan and Komsomolsk-na-Amure as well as many private residences in Toronto and Dundas, Ontario. She primarily works in watercolors and oil paint and has developed a unique technique combining oil paint with etching. Maya's watercolors were published in Valencia, Spain and were introduced as prints for the first time in Europe at Birmingham Art Show '98, in Great Britain.
Selected Exhibitions:

2000 -Current Griffith Art Gallery Birmingham Alabama
1993 Dorland and Height Galleries, Milton, Ontario, Canada
1996 Zigmund Gallery, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
1998 Artexpo 1998, New York, NY, USA
1998 The National Home Show ’98, The Toronto Star Dream Home, Ontario, Canada
Private and Corporate Collections:
Private Collection of Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada
INGRA Financial Group CIBC, North York, Ontario, Canada
Sheraton Hotel, London, Ontario, Canada

An art movement founded in France in the last third of the 19th century. Impressionist artists sought to break up light into its component colors and render its ephemeral play on various objects. The artist's vision was intensely centered on light and the ways it transforms the visible world. This style of painting is characterized by short brush strokes of bright colors used to recreate visual impressions of the subject and to capture the light, climate and atmosphere of the subject at a specific moment in time. The chosen colors represent light which is broken down into its spectrum components and recombined by the eyes into another color when viewed at a distance (an optical mixture). The term was first used in 1874 by a journalist ridiculing a landscape by Monet called Impression - Sunrise.
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by Eventov
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Beach View
by Eventov
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3 Birches
by Eventov
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Looking Up
by Eventov
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